Panel Building is an important foundation of flow cytometry. The Nicholas Lab uses several resources for Panel Building.

  • Flurofinder – Offers a comprehensive set of online tools such as spectral viewers integrated with commerical antibody availability to build panels. The Nicholas lab stores all validated panels under a shared account here.
  • Cytek Full Spectrum Viewer – Our favorite online spectral viewer for Cytek instruments. The online cloud platform offers even more features.
  •  OMIPs – Optimised Multicolor Immunofluorescence Panels (OMIPs) are a great starting point for panel design.

The Nicholas Lab follows the MIFlowCyt standard which describes the minimum information required to report flow cytometry experiments in publications. It includes recommendations about descriptions of the specimens and reagents included in the experiment, the instrument configuration used to perform the assays, and the data processing used to interpret the data. MIFlowCyt has been adopted as a standard by the International Society for Advancement of Cytometry (ISAC) representing the flow cytometry scientific community as well as software and hardware manufacturers.

The information at the following links includes a manuscript of the standard’s purpose and features plus three supplements that provide details and examples of the standard.