Dr. Nicholas became interested in metabolic disease because of her mother’s lifetime struggle with Type 2 Diabetes. The etiology of metabolic disease is highly complex, poorly understood, and is associated with comorbidities such as chronic inflammation, Type 2 Diabetes and reproductive dysfunction. This complexity requires innovative perspectives to develop solutions.

The Nicholas lab is a diverse group of trainees and scientists who bring these innovative perspectives that will ultimately solve the unknowns of metabolic disease. The Nicholas lab is a vibrant community with a shared purpose who supports each member of the team. We experiment together, laugh together, work together, and cry together. The Nicholas lab is a home away from home and a safe space for being our authentic selves. We are doing science differently and showing the world a new model of success. We prioritize people. People First, Science Second! This unconventional approach continues to produce high quality innovative research from people who love their environment as much the research they do. Nicholas lab members do not have to leave behind portions of their personality at the door. They are also free and encouraged to balance work with activities that fulfill them and reduce stress. This is why our motto is “Happy People do Great Science”.