The most advanced and versatile multiplexing platform offers a compact footprint and compatibility with Millipore Milliplex, Invitrogen ProcartaPlex multiplex immunoassays, Invitrogen QuantiGene Plex multiplex gene expression assays, and Biolegend LegendPlex.
The Nicholas Lab Luminex xMAP INTELLIFLEX system has 5.5 logs of dynamic range and an embedded PC with touchscreen interface. With 96- and 384-well plate formats available, you can process up to 384 samples in 75 min. Learn how xMAP technology works here and more about the INTELLIFLEX system here.

Seahorse XFe96 Analyzer

Seahorse Real-Time Cell Metabolic Analysis allows you to measure the energy that drives cell function. Real-time cell measurements provide a clear window into the critical functions driving cell signaling, proliferation, activation, toxicity and biosynthesis. Measure glycolysis and oxidative phosphorylation in adherent or suspension cells. Test metabolic responses to treatments, gene knock out or small molecules. Move beyond analyzing what your cells are, and reveal a clearer measure of what they do.

Need an Instrument not in the Nicholas Lab? Check out Instrumentation available in the Deparment of Molecular Biology & Biochemistry


The Nicholas Lab Offers Custom Sales and Services for Luminex analysis to interested industry partners. Our general price sheet is below. We invoice Through Zoho.



Item Price Description
Pre-Run Consultation $150/hr Consulation on experimental design, choosing Luminex kits, assay set up, and samples type. Required for first experiment.
Post-Run Consultation $150/hr Consultation to go over data analysis and interpretation. Optional
Luminex Full Service – Base Rate $830 Base rate for full service Luminex including data processing for 76 samples.
Luminex Full Service – Prorated $10.92 Full plate is 830 for 76 samples. Prorated charge for additional samples.

Luminex Kit

$2,000.00 Kits purchased throught the Nicholaslab are charged at cost + %37 administrative fees. It is recommended for clients to purchase directly from vendor and ship to the Nicholas Lab