• Electronic Laboratory Note Book – The Nicholas lab uses Benchling to record laboratory work.
  • Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) – GenoFab is our source for keeping the lab and samples organized. With your account you will have access to bardcoded samples, vendor contacts, and the biorepository of clinical samples. You can also you the LIMS project samples as you see fit.

Statistical Analysis Software

Appropriate statistics depends on careful experimental design. The linked article is a resource to understand data should be used to infer the validity of a hypothesis and to calculate confidence intervals and P-values.

Click here to see the PDF 

The Nicholas Lab Uses two licensced software packages for statistics: JMP and GraphPad Prism

JMP is a suite of computer programs for statistical analysis developed by the JMP business unit of SAS Institute. Use the “Learn JMP” tab at JMP.com to familiarize yourself with this analysis program. Students at UCI can download JMP for free. JMP is also activated on the lab analysis computer. Graphpad.com is installed on the analysis computer. Students can download a demo or a view only version only.

Figure Making Software

Science is best communited in clear figures. The Nicholas Lab uses several resources to present thier science.

  • Adobe Illustrator – 
  • Lunacy – A free design software
  • BioRender – 
  • Premade PPT Figures –

Organizational and Note Taking Software

Need support taking and organizing notes. See software used by Nicholas lab members below

  • Otter.AI – A free note taking AI that integrates with Zoom, Google Meets and Microsoft Teams. This AI records transcripts, gives meeting action items and organized notes.
  • Notion.SO – A free online platform for organizing, and notetaking. This flexible platform has many templates and an intuitive coding platform to personalize your online organizational space.
  • OneNote – Note takings software that come with the suite of Microsoft Office Tools